News / Changelog



  • Switch from LESS to Sass
  • Many graphical improvements
  • The SSLRedirect middleware is now optional
  • Add an “Export to mbox” feature
  • Allow choosing the email a reply or a new message will be sent as



  • Adapt to the port of Mailman to Python3
  • Merge KittyStore into HyperKitty
  • Split off the Mailman archiver Plugin in its own module: mailman-hyperkitty
  • Compatibility with Django 1.7



Many significant changes, mostly on: * The caching system * The user page * The front page * The list overview page



Here are the significant changes since 0.1.4:

  • Merge and compress static files (CSS and Javascript)
  • Django 1.5 compatibility
  • Fixed REST API
  • Improved RPM packaging
  • Auto-subscribe the user to the list when they reply online
  • New login providers: generic OpenID and Fedora
  • Improved page loading on long threads: the replies are loaded asynchronously
  • Replies are dynamically inserted in the thread view



Here are the significant changes:

  • Beginning of RPM packaging
  • Improved documentation
  • Voting and favoriting is more dynamic (no page reload)
  • Better emails display (text is wrapped)
  • Replies are sorted by thread
  • New logo
  • DB schema migration with South
  • General style update (Boostream, fluid layout)

0.1 (alpha)


Initial release of HyperKitty.

  • login using django user account / browserid / google openid / yahoo openid
  • use Twitter Bootstrap for stylesheets
  • show basic list info and metrics
  • show basic user profile
  • Add tags to message threads